Creek Kids

A fun, welcoming place
for kids to learn God’s love

We Love Kids

Jesus showed love for kids & we want to share His love with your kids! Our children’s ministry is called, Creek Kids – a fun, biblically based, kids program that is focused on teaching children at their level of learning. Each week, your child will be taught by friendly volunteers who help them learn about a biblical worldview. Having a Biblical worldview means that a person thinks and acts in a way that is consistent with what the Bible teaches. We want our kids to make decisions in light of what honors and pleases God. Our hope is to ignite a spiritual awakening that will impact generations to come.

Sunday Kids‘ Classes

Infant - 2 Years


We have nursery available during the morning service. Swing by the Children’s Ministry Area to check in your child. We provide a warm, nurturing, and well supervised environment.

3 Years - Kindergarten


We all wish we could see things with new eyes. This age group is a blast to watch learn about the love of Jesus and experience the great stories from the bible that teach us truths. We have story time, craft, and some activities to shed light on that week’s topic.

1st - 4th Grade


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5th - 8th Grade

11:00-11:45am - this group dismisses just before the sermon

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