Sponsor a Child

With Compassion International

Change Lives

Bear Creek has partnered with Compassion International for the past nine years. Compassion is a holistic sponsorship program that meets the educational, physical, and spiritual needs of children from when they enroll in the program until they are adults. Compassion partners with the local churches to run programs that teach the children Biblical truth while also providing nutritional food and health care services. In addition to child sponsorship, we have done fundraising efforts for clean water initiatives and COVID-19 relief.

These kids are available to sponsor through Bear Creek Christian Church Compassion Sunday event!

Contact Bridget Bordelon [email protected] or 507-358-0035 to sponsor one of the ones below by May 8.

What is Child Sponsorship?

Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program works to break the generational cycle of poverty through a long-term, whole-child approach to development.

The Child Sponsorship Program allows a sponsor to invest in the life of a child (aged 3-22 years) through a $38 monthly commitment that provides that child with physical, social, spiritual and economic care and training.

In this one-to-one relationship, sponsors are encouraged to write letters to their children, filling their minds and spirits with love, support and hope so that they can be further encouraged to defeat poverty and pursue their dreams.

Compassion has grown exponentially over the last two decades. In 1993, approximately 180,000 children were sponsored through Compassion in more than 2,000 child development centers and 21 countries.

Today, more than 1.9 million children are sponsored through Compassion in more than 8,000 church partner sites and 25 countries worldwide.